What do YOU think about walking around Chicago?

This week, I’m putting off trying to think of a name for this event, and thought I’d try to gather a little data before too much time passes.

I’m mostly addressing this post to the 120 people who signed up on Eventbrite to participate in one or more of our Walks on May 4th and 5th. We had a respectable number of people (22) respond to our Survey Monkey after the event, but it would be tremendously interesting, helpful and fun to have additional input.

I plan to post the new comments right here on the blog, in the spirit of the comments from a couple of the people who answered the survey:

“Perhaps a coffee hour afterwards would let us all chat with each other about the tour and what it meant to us?”

“Could have encouraged more input from the participants. There were several neighbors taking the walk and they likely would have been very glad to provide feedback about what drew them to and keeps them engaged in the neighborhood.”


So, my questions for you 120 are:

What made you choose the Walk(s) you participated in?

What was the most memorable about what you saw, and why?

What do you wish had been included?

Hopefully, the photos I’m posting here today will help jog your memories a bit.

And for however many of you out there, who weren’t with us in May, but might like to join us in the future:

Are there particular neighborhoods you’d like to visit on a Walk?

What appeals to you about each one?

Are there other neighborhood-based experiences you think we should be thinking about?

Please be as garrulous or as succinct as you’d like… I’ll post your comments next week!