It’s HOT in Chicago!

Berghoff signGiven the local heatwave this week, I’ve been thinking about ways to cool off, and what potential destinations could help Chicagoans do that. Not that I’m suggesting a walk anywhere today in 95 degree heat. But the ideas might help.

One option might be to think about beer. For example, Washington D.C. has an “Official DC Beer Week” coming up on August 11–18. The timing isn’t right if you’re in Chicago today, but the concept is mentally cooling: for the fifth year in a row, hundreds of venues in DC, Virginia and Maryland will host a variety of beer-related events throughout the week. You can learn more at

We could do a similar event in Chicago, emphasizing landmark locations like the Berghoff or the Burwood Tap.
Burwood Tap

Alternatively, The Siebel Institute of Technology, America’s oldest brewing school, is moving to the ground floor of Kendall College on Goose Island this summer. A walking tour of the new custom-designed facility – retaining many of the historic features of Siebel’s 140-year-old brewing education environment – would be a distinctive way of learning about one of Chicago’s remaining industrial neighborhoods. A Short History of Siebel Chicago’s Beer School appears here:

Another option is to think about visiting Chicago’s wonderful fieldhouses, and exploring the surrounding neighborhoods. There’s the Humboldt Park Fieldhouse, to which I hope Julia Bachrach will lead another Walk sometime in the next year. There’s the Columbus Park Refectory or the fieldhouses in Portage Park at 3420 N. Long Avenue and Union Park, at 1545 W. Lake Street. Of course, there’s always the option of a visit to the modernist Ida Crown Natatorium in Eckhart Park or its twin in Harrison Park, at 18th and Wood Streets. Swimming may be the only reasonable thing to do today.

Whatever you do, stay cool!

Berghoff photo ©Robby Virus

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