An Extravaganza of Pedestrian Urban Love

If you’ve been reading along the last couple of months, you know that I’ve been exploring new ideas for walking around and learning to appreciate Chicago in all its architectural, historical, social and visual glory.

One of the things I’ve been doing has been talking with Peter Foley, the Global Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Jane’s Walk Head Office in Toronto. He shares my goal to make Jane’s Walk more than a one-weekend-a-year event, and has asked if Chicago would be interested in piloting a few new “curated” programs. I was delighted with the idea, and a few early-stage things have been progressing.

The first of these is a tentative “global conversation on walkability” in conjunction with Toronto and Tel Aviv on October 19. The idea would be to have an event in a neighborhood that can focus on walkability (good and bad). The technological mechanism for this “global conversation” is still being worked out in an effort that Peter describes as “city-bottom-upism…” but I happen to prefer his description of “an extravaganza of pedestrian urban love.”

October 19 happens to coincide with the Chicago Architectural Foundation’s third annual Open House Chicago event, which will also extend to the 20th. I’m in discussions with CAF about the logistics of this, and as it’s being put together pretty much at the last minute, it may not happen as perfectly as we’d like it to.

But it would be great to get some feedback, so … is there anyone reading this who’d be interested in coming along for the ride? Or the walk, whatever it turns out to be?