Walk Leader bios: Kathy Gemperle

Kathryn Duskey Gemperle graduated from Mundelein College, majoring in Painting. She taught high school art for 20 years. After moving into an historic house in Edgewater , she began researching the architecture in Lakewood Balmoral. She served as Lakewood Balmoral Residents Council President and expanded interests in the larger community of Edgewater.

Kathy developed the first Edgewater Home Tour of Lakewood Balmoral in 1986 and became the founding President of the Edgewater Historical Society in 1988, serving for 16 years. She charted the course of museum development for the EHS until it opened in 2002. She was awarded an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia College, and continues as EHS vice president in charge of the Edgewater Scrapbook newsletter and the exhibits at the museum at 5358 North Ashland.

She is also an exhibiting artist associated with the Greenleaf Art Center. Currently four of her paintings are on display in the CTA storefront at the Bryn Mawr el stop.