What did you think about Jane’s WalkCHICAGO 2014?

We have the results back from our 2014 participant survey, and they’re much more positive than this picture would lead you to believe.

Holden and ladies









While the response rate wasn’t huge, the statistics are very informative and will help guide us as we plan for events during 2014 and 2015.

• 58% heard about the Walks through word-of-mouth;
• 56% reported that their Walk completely met their expectations;
• 38% reported that their Walk exceeded their expectations;
• 69% said that their Walk Leader was “very engaging”;
• 69% said that their Walk Leader was “very knowledgable”
• 56% said that their Walk Leader was effective in “getting participants talking about the city and creating new threads in the discussion of what mattered to the participants in their public spaces?

When asked “What, if anything, did you gain/learn from your participation in the Jane’s Walk?”, the respondents’ answers included:

• “What a neighborhood can achieve when the residents are passionate about where they live.”
• “To always look around your surroundings no matter how used you are to them.”
• “I spent a most delightful and educational Saturday afternoon, and learned about a nearby neighborhood.”
• “I so enjoyed myself on this walk that I am looking forward to participating in one in 2015.”

Finally, “Based on this experience, are you likely to participate in future Jane’s Walks?,” 100% said yes!







Chicago’s second annual Jane’s Walk would not have been so successful without the generous support of The Richard A. Driehaus Foundation and the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation. We hope that these funders will be joined by other supporters so that Jane’s WalkCHICAGO can continue to provide meaningful and exciting programming that celebrates and showcases the City of Chicago.

As always, reader suggestions are welcomed!


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