After #Jane’s WalkCHICAGO #3: How did we do? … and something else to do

If you registered for a Jane’s Walk in Chicago this year, you should have received a survey from us by now, asking about your experience.

If you’ve received one, and it’s still sitting in your inbox, please take a quick look at it, answer the questions and send it back. We’d love to know what you enjoyed about your Walk, or what we might have done better. And if you went on a Walk, and didn’t receive an emailed survey, please let me know. And thanks so much if you’ve already responded!

While we’re waiting for the other responses, Julia Bachrach, one of our Walk Leaders, has asked me to publicize a symposium and tour on the Centennial of the Cook County Forest Preserve, that will take place on May 28 and 29. The symposium – and tour – will illuminate this important part of Chicago’s history and highlight just how relevant the forest preserves are to our appreciation of nature.

Julia Bachrach

Julia Bachrach

OK, so the subject isn’t a Jane’s Walk in a neighborhood, but the Forest Preserves play a big part (physically, spatially and recreationally) in the quality of life in and around Chicago. There’s lots to learn, and much walking to be done!

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  1. I did not receive a survey, but know that I very much enjoyed the Uptown walk along Claredon on May 3rd.


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