Edgewater’s Bryn Mawr Historic District In the Context of Urban Resurgence

Edgewater was once a quiet suburban enclave developed in 1886 by Lake Michigan alongside a burgeoning railroad, now the CTA’s Red Line.

It is currently one of Chicago’s densest and most diverse communities with almost 1/3 of its population born in a foreign land; there are 3 national historic districts including Bryn Mawr, which is the “main street” of Edgewater.

Manor House, 1021 W Bryn Mawr

Manor House, 1021 W Bryn Mawr

The area has a fascinating architectural and community history with its ups and downs hitting a nadir in the 1960s and early 1970s. Since the late 1970s, Edgewater has been undergoing the long ascent back to become the thriving and diverse community it is today, through the hard work of enlightened public officials and a determined community with strong support of block clubs, religious organizations, institutions and the business community.

Designation of Bryn Mawr as a National Historic District in 1995 was an important strategic part of those efforts. In the tour you will walk Bryn Mawr and some adjacent blocks to get an idea of Edgewater’s special historic and architectural character.

Terra Cotta detail, the Belle Shore Apartments

Terra Cotta detail, the Belle Shore Apartments

The Walk will begin this Saturday, 7 May at 11AM at the SE corner of  Sheridan and Bryn Mawr, in front of the Edgewater Beach Apartments at 5555 N. Sheridan.  It will follow the route shown in the brochure below.  It will be led by Bob Remer, President of the Edgewater Historical Society. There’s space for a few more participants, so please join us!


Bryn Mawr Walk Map


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