Final #MakeNewHistory Jane’s Walk of 2017!

We had better weather – and better light – yesterday for our second Dearborn Street Walk, and a very engaged group of  participants who asked lots of questions.

Starting out in front of the Manhattan Building

Note the silhouettes of the bay windows north of the Manhattan Building, and the vista beyond

The oriel window corners attesting to the solidity of the Old Colony Building … reassuring potential tenants

The remarkable thickness of the walls supporting the Monadnock Building

Rolf Achilles illuminated the artistic and historic connections between the buildings and artworks on the street.  I thought I’d simply illustrate the progress of our Walk here, in chronological order.  Conveniently, this order roughly corresponds to the development of the precedent-setting architecture and major public sculpture on the street, a collection unlike any other street in the United States.


Decorative elements of Monadnock Building lobby

There’s so much design history to learn here on this wonderful street!

Federal Plaza, with Marquette Building in rear

Inland Steel Building

“The Picasso” with Cor-ten steel County Building by Jacques Brownson for CF Murphy at right

The internally-connected Selwyn and Harris Theaters











Donations to Jane’s Walk Chicago, a program of Friends of Downtown


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