One more round for Happy International Women’s Day!

In honor of yesterday’s International Women’s Day, the excellent CityLab newsletter had the great wisdom to republish Jane Jacobs and the Power of Women Planners. This was written several years ago by Roberta Brandes Gratz, a friend and colleague of Jane’s, and my new colleague at The Center for the Living City.

I wasn’t aware of this piece before, but I’m very gratified to read it now, and hope that its reposting will stimulate and affirm the stray thoughts of small and big girls – and women – about their neighborhoods and cities … just as I experienced myself from early childhood, and just as Mindy Fullilove, Alexie Torres Flemming, Majora Carter, Kate Wood, Elizabeth Yampiere, Joan Byron, Tanya Harris, Karen Gadbois, and Carol Bebelle have done. We can all be activists, as Jane was.