Center for the Living City presents Dearborn Street Art and Sculpture

As I announced in February, I am now working with the Center for the Living City on organizing Jane Jacobs Walk in Chicago, inviting people to organize walks in their communities throughout the year.

These Walks enable members of a community to discover and respond to the complexities of their city and environment through personal and shared observation.

Our first Chicago Jane Jacobs Walk will take place a month from now – on Saturday, 5 May. If you’ve missed Rolf Achilles’ previous Dearborn Street Art and Sculpture Walks – or would like to experience it again – here’s your chance!

Rolf Achilles

The Walk will cover tremendous ground in Chicago’s architectural and artistic heritage, describing the evolution of office building construction by William LeBaron Jenney, Burnham and Root, the architects’ reliance on engineering to achieve new building heights, and the mutual design influences between Chicago and Vienna – courtesy of Adolf Loos, among other people – at the turn of the 20th Century.

You can see a quick summary of this experience here, and we’d much appreciate it if you’d register in advance at Eventbrite. We look forward to seeing you!

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