A fun and USEFUL activity during COVID: CCRx launches online market to better support teachers and nonprofits!

My friend Barb Koenen co-founded the Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange (CCRx) a couple of years ago to get donated supplies for Chicago teachers and nonprofits.  They’ve served thousands of teachers, students and others through pop-up events and from their warehouse on the Southwest side.  Since we’re all dealing with COVID, Barb is ramping up an online […]

The 21st century significance of #NotreDame

Occasionally, the disparate parts of one’s life are tied up in a giant bow.  That’s happened to me this week with the inferno at Notre Dame in Paris. I’ve been thinking about symbolism within building design since my college years.  I was a medievalist, studying the allegories hidden within the architecture and art of Christian […]

#Gendered Spaces, #Urban and Otherwise

I had a conference call this morning with my colleagues at The Center for the Living City, and it was the most exciting conversation I’ve had in a while.  It featured Daphne Spain as guest speaker; she is the author of Gendered Spaces and How Women Saved the City, among other books and journal articles. […]