New News on Walking in Chicago!

I’m delighted to announce that there are changes afoot for the annual Jane’s WalkCHICAGO event. I’m still going to be working on inspiring civic engagement and creative responses for cities, though! After five rewarding years as the City Organizer of Jane’s Walk, I am transitioning to a new role. I’ve become a member of the […]

Why [Urban] Stories Matter

There’s a terrific article in today’s New York Times about the social benefits of storytelling. While it begins by describing the Agta, a contemporary society of Filipino hunter-gatherers, and ends with Santa Claus, I think it’s relevant for the work we’ve been doing on Jane’s Walk, and to the populations of cities in general. So, […]

Final #MakeNewHistory Jane’s Walk of 2017!

We had better weather – and better light – yesterday for our second Dearborn Street Walk, and a very engaged group of  participants who asked lots of questions. Rolf Achilles illuminated the artistic and historic connections between the buildings and artworks on the street.  I thought I’d simply illustrate the progress of our Walk here, […]

We Made #NewHistory – A Biennial #Jane’sWalk

We had a dozen persevering people join us today on a Dearborn Street Jane’s Walk … and  despite the dismal, wet November day, we all stayed to the end and had a great time! Rolf Achilles covered tremendous ground in Chicago’s architectural and artistic heritage,  describing the evolution of office building construction by William LeBaron Jenney, […]

Two Pieces of Jane’s Walk News!

A month ago, I announced that Jane’s Walk Chicago and Friends of Downtown would be offering a Dearborn Street Jane’s Walk as a Biennial program in November. Knowing that the optimum experience of such a Walk is based on having a more intimate group of participants, we “sold out” – or reached maximum capacity – […]