The 21st century significance of #NotreDame

Occasionally, the disparate parts of one’s life are tied up in a giant bow.  That’s happened to me this week with the inferno at Notre Dame in Paris. I’ve been thinking about symbolism within building design since my college years.  I was a medievalist, studying the allegories hidden within the architecture and art of Christian […]

#Gendered Spaces, #Urban and Otherwise

I had a conference call this morning with my colleagues at The Center for the Living City, and it was the most exciting conversation I’ve had in a while.  It featured Daphne Spain as guest speaker; she is the author of Gendered Spaces and How Women Saved the City, among other books and journal articles. […]

#Englewood Thoughts… h/t #CarlaBruni

Carla Bruni is a colleague of mine at The School of the Art Institute, Associate for Outreach at PlaceEconomics and she posts compelling observations about Chicago neighborhoods on FB. She posted this piece about Englewood last week, and I wanted to repost it here. I couldn’t agree with her more, especially: We could all stand […]