#Gendered Spaces, #Urban and Otherwise

I had a conference call this morning with my colleagues at The Center for the Living City, and it was the most exciting conversation I’ve had in a while.  It featured Daphne Spain as guest speaker; she is the author of Gendered Spaces and How Women Saved the City, among other books and journal articles. […]

New News on Walking in Chicago!

I’m delighted to announce that there are changes afoot for the annual Jane’s WalkCHICAGO event. I’m still going to be working on inspiring civic engagement and creative responses for cities, though! After five rewarding years as the City Organizer of Jane’s Walk, I am transitioning to a new role. I’ve become a member of the […]

Mark your calendar: special Jane’s Walk events in October!

We’re excited to announce that Jane’s WalkCHICAGO will be an official participant of the Chicago Architecture Biennial: The State of the Art of Architecture, which will launch in October 2015. On the opening weekend of Saturday October 3 and Sunday October 4, we will be offering Jane’s WalkCHICAGO: The Art of Local Architecture on Dearborn […]

Why #janeswalkchicago?

I’ve read a couple of pieces recently that throw a new light on the objectives behind Jane’s WalkCHICAGO. One of them was a very nice article about Gabriel Kahane recently in Urban Omnibus, about how he’s inspired to write music specifically about the idea of place, “as a setting, subject, and device.” His most recent […]

“The ability of places to catalyze the imagination” – Jane’s Walks, summed up

Amidst the absurd embarrassment of riches online, I stumbled yesterday on this article on the wonderful website http://www.nextcity.org (if you don’t read it, you should), and the first paragraphs encapsulated for me what the global Jane’s Walk adventure is all about. See what you think: “According to research done by Jeremy Wells, a scholar in […]

Walking the Neighborhoods, Theaster Gates and me

I had an inspiring conversation with Theaster Gates earlier this week about organizing for the future of Jane’s Walk CHICAGO. It helped me articulate a few of my goals for this program, so I thought I’d put them out here in hopes of getting some feedback. • Encouraging Walking as a Street Activity. Walking is […]

An Embarrassment of Riches

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the potential “extravaganza of pedestrian urban love,” or, the “global conversation on walkability” that Toronto and Tel Aviv will be having on October 19. It turns out that there are a lot of things happening in Chicago on the weekend of October 19, besides the Chicago Architectural Foundation’s third […]