#Jane’s WalkCHICAGO: South Chicago, End to End

  Join volunteers with Health Leads Chicago for a unique Jane’s Walk as we meet with two leaders in the neighborhood. We’ll begin at St. Michael’s Church on 83rd Street at 1PM this Saturday, May 2nd. After showing us around its facilities, Father Andrew Torma will discuss St. Michael’s place in the community. While maintaining […]

Spring is sprung: Let’s #Walk around #Chicago!

We’re lining up Walk Leaders for the 3rd annual Jane’s WalkCHICAGO,  and are working on planning other related events.  So far, we have Julia Bachrach returning to lead a Walk in Jackson Park, and Mike Shymanski will be leading a Walk in Pullman. Other potential locations include: Maggie Daley Park the Marquette Park neighborhood South […]

A genealogy: #Holly Whyte, #Jane Jacobs and #Jane’s WalkCHICAGO

Crawling into the dog days of August, there was a terrific blog post on the website of The Project for Public Spaces this week (and also on Twitter), summarizing the career of William (“Holly”) Whyte.  As a recovering New Yorker, I knew some of his story, but this post added lots of fascinating and informative […]

Jane’s Walk: Stimulating Imagination and Creativity

“Walk and Be Moved.” That’s the title of a paper recently published by Brian Knudsen and Terry Nichols Clark in the Urban Affairs Review. Subtitled “How Walking Builds Social Movements,” the study examined more than 30,000 zip codes across the United States. While articles about the study in the Atlantic Cities by Richard Florida and Grist by […]

Big Data for Places

Where should we locate the 2014 Chicago Jane’s Walks? In the most historical neighborhood? The neighborhood that’s experiencing the most dramatic change? Where I can find an expert speaker? How can we cover the costs? There are a lot of considerations that go into planning Jane’s Walks, some of them infuriatingly practical. (I’m always open […]

Movie Palaces and Neighborhoods

There’s an article entitled “Theaters fade to black?” in today’s Chicago Tribune (http://bit.ly/16hypy4) It briefly discusses “six endangered theaters” in scattered Chicago neighborhoods: the Patio and the Portage in Portage Park, the Congress in Logan Square, the Central Park in North Lawndale , the Ramova in Bridgeport and the Uptown in, well, Uptown. Each of […]